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Monday, February 2, 2015

Učitel angličtiny v praze / Učitel arabštiny v praze

Both language and environment help to determine the character of our thought. We are the products of our times and places. In Prague more and more young people began to realize the importance, but the necessity, of English, spoken and written, in the job market. Learning English, besides other languages, has become the norm in this multicultural city, particularly among the young workforce. Speaking English has become not only important in finding a well-paying job, but also as a social signal. If you speak English, you may well be seen as well-educated, you may have wider social relationships, you may have far more opportunities to make business with the outer world, etc. 

Nevertheless, speaking English has become nowadays very predictable and very common; in fact, if you are a successful person, people automatically expect you to speak English, hence emerged the need to learn more languages, or maybe at least a third language, especially in multicultural societies. People look at different languages differently. There are languages deemed with future prospects, and this preference depends actually on ‘who you are and what you want to do’. Arabic is one of the most exotic languages for many people. But for most people learning Arabic sounds hard and even impossible for others. Teaching Arabic faces many challenges besides that the language is 'being hard to learn'. Lack of teaching resources is a big hurdle. However, with the expansion of the Internet and social networks this hurdle has become easy to overcome. Teaching Arabic is a challenging job, but the efficiency of the Arabic teacher can help the students overcome and defeat all their fears and doubts.

I've recently decided to take on teaching again, to give private English and private Arabic lessons. Teaching English or Arabic in Prague is a very competitive job. As an English teacher you need to compete with a countless number of English teachers in the city. But the fact that I have a bachelor's degree and a TESOL certificate helps me win the competition in certain circumstances. It's really down to your preference. Some people prefer a native speaker of English to teach them the language, and some others don't take 'nativity' as a factor and prefer English teachers with academic backgrounds and professional experience. As an English teacher, I went to university for four years, in which I studied English grammar, linguistics, phonetics, methodology, morphology, as well as English literature in all its forms and genres. And this was my academic major. My academic minor was Arabic. I also studied the Arabic linguistics and literature. In December 2006, I took a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course in Prague and I was granted a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate in November of the same year. 

Sure, there are plenty of language schools in Prague which can provide certified English teachers, but not everyone can afford them. They charge more than most people can afford, and for you to guarantee the quality of your language learning this might take some time, as you might request a teacher replacement, or a school change. Taking a private English lesson or private Arabic lesson is much easier and much more flexible, and above all cheaper. You can choose your own private teacher, you can negotiate the teaching topics and methods more freely; your private language teacher is not bound by school rules and schedule. You might even be able to negotiate the price per lesson/course. There are many advantages of hiring a private teacher indeed. You are the owner of the lesson and are in the driving seat. You can choose the time and the place that suit you best. You can make changes anytime you feel necessary. You can terminate the business cooperation if you don't feel any gains or improvements. 

I have many years of experience teaching English and teaching Arabic. I taught English to teenagers and adults at different levels, beginners, intermediate level and advanced students. I have no preference. I can teach any age-group. As a matter of fact, when teaching I feel I should share the knowledge I possess, and this what, in my opinion, makes the teaching process spontaneous and natural. But this is never at the expense of lesson planning and organization. All my lessons must be very well-planned and tailored to the student's individual needs. You buy from me, you get what you expect. It's all down to you to make up your mind and give me a call, write me an email, or send me a text/SMS. I've got what you want and what you need, so what are you waiting for?

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